Mood swings : hormonal versus manic-depressive (the latter wins)

Here is a pregnant mood swing : ‘Oh I can’t have it, it will be the end of life as I know it, and nothing could be worse than that’…..then 10 minutes later : (imagining myself telling other people, after the birth, when they ask anxiously if I’m ok) ‘I am perfectly fine. It’s a baby, not a giraffe’.

Here is a bipolar mood swing : ‘The whole of the outside of the house is covered in a viscous substance and I can’t get out and nobody can get in’…..then 20 minutes later : ‘Isn’t it interesting that technetium is only found in stellar matter and not in terrestrial material?’

(I just tried to publish this post and wordpress asked me : ‘Are you sure you want to do this?’. That’s a bit strange.

By freakyparisandbeyond

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